Pure merino wool tufts


Tufts from pure Merino wool are universal for decorating bags, hats, hoods and other wonderful products. Let the inspiration flow and use the tuft even with a keychain or a shoe.

Tufts are 100% handmade.
If you woud like to have a multi color tuft, write it to comments.

S - 5 cm diameter
M - 10 cm diameter
L - 15 cm diameter
Baby pinkBaby pinkCappuccinoCappuccinoMoonMoonCornflowerCornflowerLavenderLavenderMintMintRock placement grayRock placement graySnowSnowSunSunWine redWine red
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100% merino wool, cotton ribbon


allergy-free, antibacterial, decorative, does not take on unpleasant odors, no static electricity, waterproof