Crib bumper “Knot”


Designs of Celiné bedding fits perfectly with smaller and bigger beds. It protects your child while asleep, so his/her feet won’t get stuck and hurt. The “Knot” is also a beautiful design element.

The height may vary up to 2 cm

The product length and height depends from the setting. The longer it has been stretched the lower the height is. Products dimensions are based on the customer order. They tend to be a bit longer to have correct height and fluffiness.

XS - 11 x 175 cm
S - 11 x 200 cm
M - 11 x 275 cm
XL - 11 x 335 cm
L - 11 x 290 cm
XXL - 11 x 360 cm
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Additional information


95-100% cotton fabric, allergy-free padding (100% cotton), OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100


allergy-free, child protection, decorative


do not soak, handwash, machine wash up to 40 degrees